Topher Vizcarra

Philippines · Security / Software Engineer ·

I’m a programmer with a passion for learning and teaching. Clean Code, Design Patterns, Software Architectural Patterns, Network Security, and coffee are some of the few things that keep me awake till 3:00 am.


Security Engineer / Software Engineer
My responsibilities encompass both the role of a Security Engineer and a Software Engineer. For over a year, my contributions to the company involved the following:
  • Handled Enterprise Security and Engineering. Tasks involve setting up a Network Intrusion Detection System on multiple offices around the world, managing its ruleset updates and fine-tuning, automating server configuration using Puppet, integrating products from Amazon Web Services to host all other internal toolings, and integrating SumoLogic as a SIEM solution (real-time dashboard, alerts) and logging management service.
  • Routinely investigated security reports and respond to infosec researchers.
  • Took R&D projects under enterprise engineering - explored network monitoring tools, performed metric collections, and created data collection and visualization using Graphite and Grafana
  • Configure and troubleshoot enterprise servers such as firewalls, hypervisors, and other servers that host network monitoring tools
  • Contributed features in the core codebase using PHP, and implemented several Python scripts which aid the tasks of the Anti-Fraud and Theft team and tracks down malicious actors in the site
  • Designed and implemented an internal microservice using Flask and RabbitMQ, and integrating multiple APIs
  • Undergone internal training on topics related to InfoSec tools, Networking, JavaScript, Puppet, Terraform, Unit Testing, Clean Coding, DB query optimizations, and more.
  • Delivered a technical talk for our engineers on how I’ve implemented and managed the Network Intrusion Detection System of the company, and gave another talk about securing against Social Engineering for our non-technical staff
  • Conducted technical interviews for software engineer candidates
  • Undergo leadership and technical training under the company’s Team Lead Incubator program
June 2017 - Present

Software Engineer Intern

Attended training related to OOP, Agile, and Unit Testing, including learning the company’s engineering pipeline.

Primarily worked with the Desktop Application team with Java as the core language used. Tasks cover implementing both front-end and back-end features, as well as writing unit tests using Spock framework.

Contributed the Encryption File Service to the Desktop App, a service that manages encryption and decryption of all files when handling different cryptographic algorithms.

June 2016 - July 2016


University of the Philippines - Diliman

BS Computer Science
  • Magna Cum Laude. GWA: 1.280 (1.000 being the highest)
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Inductee - belonged to Top 5% of the University in terms of academic performance
  • Affiliated with Computer Security Group Research Laboratory
  • Undergraduate Research: Alternative Vehicle Access Control using RF Technologies
2013 - 2017

University of Santo Tomas High School

Secondary Education
  • 1st Honorable Mention
  • Conduct Excellence Awardee
  • Service Excellence Awardee
2009 - 2012


Programming Languages, Technologies, & Tools
  • Python
  • C
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Django
  • Rails
  • Android Studio
  • Apache
  • Amazon Web Services
  • MySQL
  • Git


I love engaging into the latest tech and trends as I learn about them through reading ThoughtWork's Technology Radar, checking out developer reports from different tech sites, and by talking to different engineers I meet on meetup events (Hooray for!). Recently, I've been exploring tools such as Puppet and Terraform, and I'm playing around with the amazing products Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers. They can't seem to run out of new interesting features and products for me to play with :)

I've also fallen in love with Python for the longest time now, which leads me to focus most of my free time this year in mastering the language. I owe Python big time for saving me minutes off my life, as I use it to automate life's boring stuff.

Apart from programming, I spend my leisure time picking my brain for logic and creativity by studying Chess. If I'm not playing on the board, you'll probably see me hanging out in Medium or asking tons of questions in Quora.

My end goals are to travel the world to meet all kinds of awesome people, teach the youth, and to improve the education system in the Philippines.


Programmer's Oath #9: "I will never stop learning and improving my craft"

- Robert C. Martin